Image Gallery for Office365 / SharePoint 2013

SPSOL ImageGallery is our extension for Office365 and SharePoint 2013 that adds the ability to browse picture libraries using an attractive image gallery, fullscreen viewer and automatic presentation.

Gallery may be opened directly from picture library ribbon - button "Show in ImageGallery" on "Documents" tab. Also a Application web part is available to be placed in any site page.

Due to the nature of Office365 development rules, the core functionality of SPSOL ImageGallery is running on a remote Microsoft Azure machine (web site). We guarantee no other data than picture Url, Title, Thumbnail Url, Dimensions and Size are transferred to the gallery engine. None of the information is stored in the gallery engine.

Get more information on the official help page - click here.

SPSOL ImageGallery app is available (including trial) in the Office Store.

Gallery opened from picture library ribbonFullscreen image viewer in the SPSOL ImageGallery App part Fullscreen image viewer in the ribbon initiated galleryImageGallery App part placed into a site page